UBC Changemakers Showcase

By October 1, 2015Blog
UBC Changemaker Showcase Innovation Hub participants photographed by Aura McKay

There are so many inspiring events promoting creativity and innovation going on in our city!

I was honuored to be a part of the UBC Changemakers Showcase this past weekend.

Who are Changemakers? Here is a description from their event website:

Changemakers are the people who want to make a difference. Changemakers discuss issues and work together to create and perfect their ideas. They take apart social, entrepreneurial, and systemic problems and come up with ways to make our community a better place to live. Changemakers work to make solutions happen. Anyone can be a changemaker.

There were great workshops and panels, but my favourite was the Innovation Jam led by Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber. Participants were led through a series of steps and questions in the span of about an hour and came up with amazing ideas for social enterprises – complete with names, logos, and pitches that highlighted the problem and the solution.

The Innovation Jam workshop at UBC Changemakers Showcase

All the speakers had something of value to contribute beyond their own unique journey to who they have become and the work they are passionate about. Ideas, tips, insight, and thoughts on what it takes to keep moving toward the pursuit of your passion and goals.

UBC Changemaker Showcase Day 1 presenter portraits by Aura McKay

And as a bonus (for me especially, as I love architecture and light), the event took place in the Robert Lee Alumni building. (Love the new architecture in UBC these days!)

Robert Lee Alumni Building in UBC photographed by Aura McKay

Do you have a favourite local invent that promotes ideas, inspiration, innovation, creativity, or empowers changemakers? Leave a link in the comments so I can check it out and learn more.

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