Private Photography Lessons

Are you feeling frustrated with your camera?
Disappointed with your pictures?
Ready to challenge yourself to be more creative?

Learn from a Certified Professional Photographer
and improve your confidence and your photography.

Private Photography Lessons

Choose the option that works best for your schedule, your skill level, and your photography goals.

Aura McKay offers in person private photography and lightroom lessons in Vancouver

Foundation of Photography

One month of private lessons to improve your photography.

  • Four in-person private photography lessons
  • Detailed notes and hands on photo walks
  • Practice exercises for your favourite styles and subjects
  • Book at your convenience over a one month period
  • Can be customized for different skill levels and cameras
Learn in 30 days instead of 10 weeks and totally focused on you!

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Private photography lessons in Vancouver with Certified Professional Photographer, Aura McKay

Individual Private Lessons

Customized learning at it's best. Learn what you want to know.

  • Pre-lesson conversation on learning goals
  • Location selected for photography techniques
  • Notes and ‘after-care’ help by email
  • 2 hour session – additional time available
  • Add-on studio space, models, equipment, etc
Target specific skills to have more fun and creativity with your camera.

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Online Lightroom Courses and image review videos by Aura McKay, certified professional photographer and instructor

Image Critique on Video

Personal and constructive feedback from an experienced pro.

  • A video recording of your feedback session
  • Refer back to it over and over again
  • Submit up to 10 images in each review
  • Feedback on both the technical and creative aspects
  • Tips to help your pictures look more like the pros
See your work more objectively and grow as a photographer.

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Aura has a contagious passion for photography and a true gift for helping others learn to love it too.

When I first got my camera, I set out to take amazing photos out of the box and failed miserably. Nothing looked the way I wanted it to look! That's when Aura stepped in and changed everything.

Private Foundation of Photography Course

A comprehensive private photography course combining in-person private lessons, detailed notes, hands on practice, and more!

Every new photographer faces some challenges, often feeling so overwhelmed they put the camera down.

The commercials make it look so easy!
Just take it out of the box and start shooting like a pro. But there are a lot more buttons than you thought and reading the manual is just an exercise in frustration.

You’ve tried going on youtube or doing online tutorials and all that got you was bored and even more confused.
You are a busy person and don’t have time to be stuck in a classroom for 10 weeks. You just want someone there to answer your questions and teach you the stuff you really want to know.
Like, why don’t my pictures look like the pro’s?

The Foundation of Photography series of private lessons and detailed notes can help you learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, with lot’s of feedback to build your confidence and explore your creativity. 

What You Will Learn

How do I avoid blurry photos?

  • Auto Focus modes
  • Using shutter speed to prevent camera movement
  • Using shutter speed to prevent (freeze) subject movement
  • Using depth of field

What do these buttons do?

  • Setting up for success – metering mode, raw versus jpg, drive mode
  • Understanding the exposure mode dial
  • When to use Manual and tips for making it easier

How can I make my photos look more like the pros?

  • Does equipment really matter?
  • Rules of composition for adding impact and telling stories
  • Picture styles and white balance
  • Exposure bracketing – being smarter than your camera

Customized creativity and technical tips

  • Personalized lesson with specific tips on how to best capture your favourite subjects
  • Explore the foundational concepts with more depth
  • Custom final assignment and review video with feedback

All this for only $875

Course Includes:

Flexible scheduling for your private photography lessons

Flexible Scheduling

  • Weekdays or weekends, whatever works best for you.
  • You pick the time of day.
  • Four private photography lessons with hands on practice at your convenience.
  • Notes, image reviews, and support
Practice exercises are included in your private photography lessons with Aura McKay

Practice Exercises

  • Fun exercises to master your skills
  • Focused on what you like to photograph
  • Easy instructions and practical techniques
  • Reviewed together with detailed feedback and opportunity to ask questions
After care by phone and email is included in your private photography lesson with Aura McKay

After-Care Support

  • Detailed notes on all lessons to refer to over and over again
  • Email access to an experienced professional to answer your questions
  • A personal image review VIDEO of your final assignment

This is a unique opportunity to get private photography instruction from a Certified Professional Photographer and experienced teacher. Suitable for all cameras and any skill level.

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Individual Private Photography Lessons

Live in-person photography lessons in the Greater Vancouver Area. Limit of 2 participants. Custom quotes for other areas and small group workshops. Please contact me for more information.

Private photography lessons in Vancouver with Certified Professional Photographer, Aura McKay

Frustrated with technical or creative
aspects of your photography?

What do you most want to learn about photography and creativity?

Your private lesson starts with pre-session consultation to help discuss how you can capture more professional and creative looking images of your favourite subjects and scenes.
Have specific questions about lenses, camera settings, lighting, posing, or something you saw online? Looking for shortcuts to creative techniques? Want personal attention and feedback on your pictures?

Private photography lessons are:
  • convenient – book them to work with your schedule
  • fun – learn new creative tips and tricks
  • custom – your camera, your skill, your creative goals
  • educational – combine theory with hands on practice
  • supportive – includes notes and after-care by email

Learn from an experienced professional in a 2 hour session guaranteed to help you feel more inspired, creative, and confident whatever your current skill level. 


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Per 2 hour session. $75/hour for each additional hour. Specialty items like studio space, models, or specific lighting and camera equipment can added to your session.

Private photography lessons in Vancouver with Certified Professional Photographer, Aura McKay

Learn the specific skills and techniques you care about most

Aura McKay

Business Coach

About Your Instructor

Aura McKay is one of only 9 people in Canada to earn her Certified Professional Photographer designation. She has been photographing and teaching photography for the past 15 years and has received awards and recognition from the Professional Photographers of Canada for her work in Travel, Figure, and Fine Art photography.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” – Picasso

Private Photography Course & Lessons – Online Booking

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Image Feedback & Critique Videos

A video recording of an your images being reviewed by an award winning photographer to help you improve your skills and creativity.

Example of An Image Critique Video

All images may not be reviewed.
The most useful feedback will be determined by Aura and may apply to more than one image.

Personal and constructive feedback to help you grow.

Watch and learn as an award winning photographer reviews your images using Lightroom to offer feedback on your creative and technical choices. Aura McKay, CPP, CPA will critique based on her extensive experience and offer specific suggestions for improvement suitable for YOUR skill level.

  • Submit both the raw and your finished version
  • Feedback is ready to view within one week
  • Videos are between 15 and 25 minutes long
  • Your video is password protected
  • Download your critique to view offline
  • Email with follow up questions
Submit up to 10 images for $85