Multiple Personalities – One Subject

By November 9, 2015Blog

There is a video going around that shows an experiment where one person is photographed by 6 different photographers.

For each photographer, the subject is introduced as a different character and maintains that persona through the session.

The results are amazing in how diverse the portraits are in showing very distinct personalities and is an interesting exploration of how preconceptions, the personality and style of the photographer, and the attitude of the subject can contribute to the final image.

I have always said that I make images WITH people, not just taking pictures of them.

So a lot of how a portrait turns out will be influenced by who ‘shows up’ at the session. Many people have different aspects of their personalities and I love exploring these during a session – seeing how many characters I can pull out of one person through lighting, posing, and wardrobe. I believe that this variety can help my clients be more specific and selective about the visual brand / image they want to share through different places – like their website, print marketing, and social media.

Here are a couple of sessions to show you what I mean. Each session was between 1 1/2 to 2 hours. If you’d like to experience this kind of session with me, check out my services page.

David Katz, CEO & Founder
The Plastic Bank

These images were all shot on location during one session.

Mark Kinskofer, Owner
Vision Event Photography

These images were all shot in studio during one session.


  • Mark Kinskofer says:

    It is always a pleasure to work with you Aura. My reactions and actions reflect how at ease I was with you. Hence. Multiple personalities

    • gp-admin says:

      Thank you Mark! Your willingness to be playful and vulnerable and just trust is what makes photographing with you so rewarding.

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