Private Lightroom Lessons

Want your images to make a bigger splash?
Confused or overwhelmed trying to organize your files?

Learn to use Lightroom for faster, easier, and more creative photography.

Private Adobe Lightroom Lessons

Choose the option that works best for your schedule, your skill level, and your photography goals.

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Private Lightroom Course

Simple 5 Part Workflow for more confidence and creativity through private instruction.

  • Four in-person private Lightroom lessons
  • Book at your convenience over a one month period
  • Detailed notes and practice sessions
  • Import through retouching to Exporting and Backing up
  • Presets, shortcuts, and best practices
  • Consultation on cleaning up existing catalogs and files
  • Customized for all skill levels and styles

You will get more out of this private course than searching youtube or sitting in a classroom.

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Individual Private Lessons

Customized Lightroom learning to get the answers and the help you need.

  • Pre-lesson conversation on goals
  • Detailed notes after your session
  • Learn specific creative shortcuts
  • Help your images look more like the pros
  • Improve your workflow and back up systems
  • Clean up existing catalogs and files
  • 2 hour session – additional time available

Get more confident with Lightroom so you can have more fun and better results with your images.

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Video of Your Images Processed

Watch your files go from good to great with processing tips from a pro.

  • A video recording of specific tools and techniques
  • Personal feedback from an experienced pro
  • Develop module tools and shortcuts explained
  • Refer back to it over and over again
  • Help your pictures look more like the pros
  • Submit up to 5 images in each review
  • Great for photographers of all skill levels

Capturing the image is only the first step towards expressing your vision and creativity as a photographer.

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Aura is patient , organized, and truly knows this software inside and out.

Private lessons was definitely the way to go! I got a custom workflow for how I photography AND great notes.

Private Lightroom Course – 5 Part Workflow

A comprehensive private Lightroom course combining in-person private lessons notes, custom presets, practice sessions, and support by email.

Frustrated or confused with Lightroom?

You want your photos to look like the pro shots.
You know that processing will help your images pop but don’t understand the develop module.
You are frustrated trying to understand how to organize your photos.

Adobe’s Lightroom is a wonderful tool to make creativity faster and organizing easier. But…it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing at first too. There are just so many options!

You just want a simple, easy to follow and understand, already figured out system for using Lightroom.

5 Part Workflow

Get Started – Library Module Importing
Get Organized – Library Module Organizing
Get Creative – Develop Module and other software
Get Connected – Sharing Your Photos and Exporting
Get Confident – Backing Up

Your private Lightroom course will:

  • Give you a simple, step by step system for working with Lightroom
  • Teach you shortcuts for using the Library and Develop Modules
  • Give you specific tips for organizing faster
  • Show you how to use all the retouching tools
  • Help you use and create your own presets
  • Provide backup tips to help you feel more confident
  • And so much more…

Sign up today for your private and comprehensive jump start to
improved creativity and confidence with Lightroom.

Your Course Includes:

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Custom Schedule

  • book when it works for you
  • flexible times and days
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Custom Workflow

  • organize your work
  • be more efficient
  • know you are backed up properly
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Detailed Notes

  • step by step instructions
  • notes specific to your files
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After Care by Email

  • ask questions whenever you need to
  • have a ‘life line’ to an expert
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All this for only $875

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Individual Private Lightroom Lessons

Live in-person Lightroom lessons in the Greater Vancouver Area. Limit of 2 participants. Custom quotes for other areas and small group workshops. Please contact me for more information.

Have specific questions about Lightroom or need to fill in some blanks?

Want to learn tips for using retouching tools, exporting, working with presets, or integrating with 3rd party software like Photoshop?
Looking for help on cleaning up your hard drive and organizing or backing up your files?

Learning Lightroom in a private one on one in-person session is:
  • convenient – book to work with your schedule
  • fun – learn new creative tips and tricks
  • custom – your images, your Lightroom catalog
  • educational – combines theory with hands on practice
  • supportive – includes notes and after-care by email

Overcome your challenges and learn specific shortcuts for being faster and more creative with your Lightroom catalogs.

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Learn from an experienced pro.

Aura McKay, CPP, MPA has the answers to your specific questions and tips to help you feel more inspired, creative, and confident when you use Lightroom.


2 hour session. $75/hour for each additional hour

Book Your Lesson

Private Lightroom Course & Lessons – Online Booking

Please fill out this registration form. You will have the option to give this as a gift.

Fill out my online form.

Video of Your Images Being Processed

A video recording of an your images being processed using Lightroom by an award winning photographer to help you challenge your skills and creative vision.

Example of An Image Review Video

All images may not be reviewed.
The most useful feedback will be determined by Aura and may apply to more than one image.

Post-processing helps you explore your creative vision.

Watch and learn as an award winning photographer processes your images using Lightroom. Aura McKay, CPP, CPA will take you through a step by step demonstration of different retouching tools while taking your photograph from good to great.

  • Submit both the raw and your finished version
  • It takes about one week after your images are submitted
  • Videos are between 15 and 25 minutes long
  • Your video is password protected
  • It is downloadable to view offline
  • You can email follow up questions
Submit up to 5 images for $85