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Aura McKay, travel photography from Venice, Italy

Fine Art & Decor

Nationally Accredited by the Professional Photographers of Canada as an Art & Decor photographer, I choose to explore impressions, colour, shadows, and urban decay to provoke a shift in how the viewer experiences the subjects.

Street photography of man on cell phone in Grand Central Station, New York by Aura McKay photographer

Street Photography

My street photography images tend to focus on juxtaposition of man and his environment, creating relationship with my framing. I see people as universal archetypes to support the narrative of the scene as I explore themes of urban decay, words, and solitary man.

Merit image for Professional Photographers of Canada 2015 Salon called Bird in Bush of tattoo on female butt in a swing by Aura McKay photographer

Figure Photography

Nationally Accredited by the Professional Photographers of Canada in Figure Photography, I have always been drawn to the shape and form of the human body. I see beauty in contrasts of expression and environment, textures, and light. 

Studio portrait profile of African man by Aura McKay photographer

Portrait Photography

Environmental and studio portraits that are collaborations with my subjects. Responding to the background, personalities, expressions and modifying or producing lighting to create mood.
I don’t take pictures of people, I make images with them.

Moon rise over Tuscany with cypress trees in Italy by Aura McKay photographer

Travel Photography

Nationally Accredited by the Professional Photographers of Canada in Travel Photography, I look at the world from a the singular perspective of an independent traveller, often challenging the accepted rules of composition.

Actor headshot of Sue Sparlin, a senior female in studio on white hi key by Aura McKay photographer

Professional Headshots

In today’s digital world of online avatars and visual communication, a professional business portrait or actor headshot can be the difference between getting the job or being unemployed. Make a great first impression with your profile picture.