Aura McKay, MPA, CPP
Photographer, Instructor. Business Coach

More than 15 years of creating dynamic images and sharing my passion for photography.

Photography is both an art and a science.

I love the blend of technology, science, and numbers that empower a photographer to create art. The precision and universality of the rules of composition and the freedom of expression when breaking them with intention.

Mind. Machine. Spirit.

I train my mind to master the machine so that my spirit can speak.

I started my journey in the film days with darkrooms and large format cameras, evolving my knowledge and skills along side the explosion of digital photography. A life long learner in all areas of life, I am always looking for ways to master my craft.
One of only nine Certified Professional Photographers in Canada means that I wrote (and passed!) a very tough exam and had a portfolio of images approved by an international panel. As member of the Professional Photographers of Canada I have earned my Master of Photographic Arts and been Accredited in Travel, Fine Art, and Figure Photography.  I have even had the honour of being a finalist for Photographic Artist of the Year in Canada.
My love of photography is sustained through a practice of creating images both for me and for clients. I continuously explore the world as a composition and lighting challenge, even when I don’t have a camera with me.

Empowering and teaching others.

The high standards expected of me as a professional photographer, delivering quality images and impeccable service to both commercial and consumer clients over the past 15 years, has helped me to teach my students the best practices and techniques.
I am committed to empowering others to become more confident and creative through practical photography skills and images. I am enthusiastic and passionate about sharing my knowledge and passion as a speaker, workshop leader, and private instructor for both Lightroom and photography.
While I personally love big words, I am able to adjust my teaching style for any skill level, camera, and learning style – simplifying and making fun ways to remembering and absorb many of the basic photography techniques.

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Why do I photograph?

I inspire others to see themselves and the world from a different perspective.

When I am photographing I am fully present and experience, notice, and create from my world view. A view of richness and beauty, of colour and humour, and of collaboration and possibility. A world of making images with people instead of taking pictures of them and of sharing of myself through my images.

I thrive on solving composition and lighting challenges, interpreting a visual message for clients, and creating images that resonate with others.

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